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Questions tagged [email-rules]

Rules that can be applied to email messages automatically. For Gmail, please use "gmail-filters" instead.

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Gmail admin rule to change to to bcc when users email allusers/everyone [migrated]

I want to setup a mail rule so that when users email everyone@ or allusers@ (basically a distro list with the entire company in it), if they put everyone@ in the To field, it will automatically remove ...
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0 answers

How to create a rule where the from email address is empty

I'd like to create a rule in my Outlook for when I receive emails where the from address is empty. Using Outlook to Block such emails doesn't work because you have to actually put an email address in ...
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A rule in Outlook Webmail for all email addresses with a certain domain suffix?

Currently, I'm being bombarded with spam emails that follow a certain format in their address: [email protected] (x) & (xx) = a random name, like Tom, or Jeff. The domain name is always changing, ...
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Forward sent/outgoing mail and show it in correct threads/conversations

I get email in Outlook WebApp. I also happen to hate Outlook WebApp. What I want: Have outgoing emails (sent in the past) forwarded to Gmail Have those emails grouped in their appropriate thread/...
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3 votes
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Do other users find certain domains and keywords cannot be blocked via rules? e.g.,

I have been using since forever, with a hotmail address that was migrated. I've set up a ton of rules to delete spam, and most of them seem to work fine. But a few of them flat-out are ...
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1 vote
4 answers

Does the functionality of email forwarding from an old address to a new one exist?

I've had one email address on Yahoo for several years and I want to make a new Yahoo email address. I do have many contacts currently. The obvious, but slower way of letting my contacts know about my ...
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6 votes
7 answers

How to See and Edit my Hotmail Rules?

(this is a question I had myself. I eventually found the answer, and hope that by posting it here, someone else will be saved the pain I had) I have created a number of rules for moving mail into ...
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4 votes
2 answers

How to use Gmail as a repeater

I am trialing "Google apps for your domain". I would like to use one address as a repeater for a club. Forwarding only seems to work for one address but it looks like a rule will work. Is it right ...
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