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How to insert a blank Facebook comment?

This seems to be a "completely" blank Facebook comment. Facebook does not accept comments consisting solely of newlines or spaces, but accepts a soft hyphen comment. However, unlike a soft hyphen ...
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How can I disable comment suggestions on my Facebook Page's live stream?

A page I manage publishes a recurrent live stream through the Facebook API every week. Lately I started noticing hundreds of comments from viewers containing only emojis. I think these are mainly the ...
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How to view all Facebook comments I have made on news websites, blogs, etc.?

I would like to view all Facebook comments I have made on news websites, blogs, etc., which use the Facebook Comments Plugin. I had tried Activity Log → Filter → Comments, and I can only see a list of ...
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Photo Comments on Business Page

How do I allow photo comments to posts I make on my business page? People can reply normally, but there is no option for them to comment with pictures.
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When I click on "24 comments" under a post, it no longer expands the comment section

It's been a week that my Facebook news feed acts weirdly. It stopped expanding the comment section under posts. Before, I would click on, for example, "24 comments" under a post and the comments ...
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Can I find particular someone's all reply or comment on any photo/video/posts?

Just like my title, I have tried someway to do this. All I can find is like or Graph API Explorer. But still can't find some particular user's comment on all Facebook posts. ...
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Is there any way to be notified (email or even SMS) of new comments in a Facebook comment plugin?

I'd like to subscribe to the updates of the Facebook Comment Plugin: Now I have to go to the website to check the comments from time to time. ...
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Unhide comment on my post will not work

I have made posts where some of my friend's comments are hidden, and I don't know why they've been hidden. When I go to my post and "Unhide" the hidden comment, the action does not stick. When I go ...
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How to load 2k+ facebook comments and prevent browser from crashing?

This is not a programming question, the code is used to facilitate the demonstration of an issue in facebook app which can be reproduced manually without affecting the outcome. Comment loading slows ...
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Facebook comments limit in a given amount of time

Does anyone know what is the limit like you can only post 300 comments in an hour or 200 or 500? Does anyone know the exact number and the amount of time?
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How to see deleted comments in a Facebook group

Is there a way for a Facebook group moderator/admin to see deleted comments or deleted posts?
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