If a new person emails me in Gmail and I want to add them to contacts currently my method is:

  1. show message details
  2. copy contact email
  3. contacts/new contact
  4. fill out relevant info
  5. paste email
  6. save contact

Surely there is a better way! I keep hoping you could click on their name in the email header and there would be an option to add.

Is there actually something like this I just can't find?

  • For what it's worth, you can change the "Create contacts for auto-complete" setting so that anyone you reply to will be automatically added to your "Other" contacts.
    – ale
    Mar 4, 2013 at 14:03

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While Lipis' answer still works, there's another method as well.

With the message open, hover your mouse pointer over the sender's name. An info card will pop up. If the address is not already in your contacts, you can click the "Add to Contacts" button to open a contact edit form with the name and email address already filled out.

screen shot

(The Add and invite button is for adding the person to your Google+ Circles.)


Open the e-mail and click on the top right corner on the arrow. There you can find an option to add the contact. Here a screenshot:

alt text

  • Does not work as of 2013.
    – leonbloy
    Feb 20, 2013 at 22:24
  • 1
    @leonbloy: Works for me. Can you expand on "does not work"?
    – ale
    Aug 30, 2013 at 17:35

Yep, things have changed since 2010.

I'm not sure of the "correct" way, but here's the only way I've found:

to the right of the message you'll see a box with the sender's name. There are three icons -- the third one is a down arrow and when you hover over it it says, "More actions."

Click and select "Edit contact details." Now you can rewrite the name in the form you want, if you wish, and there's an icon to add the name to your contacts. The software seems to add the contact both to "My contacts" and a group if you choose a group; if it does, you can go back to the contact again and uncheck the "My contacts" line if you want the person to be only in a group and not in the general list of contacts as well.

Hope this helps.


I have been trying for almost an hour, no it does not work. I sent an email to someone not on my list, he replied, showing that the email address I used was correct. If I hover over the reply address, nothing happens, nothing pops up. If I right click his name on the reply I get the standard list of options; back, refresh, save as (which saves the reply as a text), etc., through till "inspect". Nowhere is any way to save the contact information. Other answers to this question that I have searched almost all tell me to click the three dots in the right corner of the email and I would get the option to "add". If I click on the three dots at the right of the reply, I get the standard list of options; reply, forward, filter messages like this, print, etc., through till "mark as unread", "add" does not appear. If I go into the google app, contacts, I can import an entire file of contacts from some other program but there is no option to add a single contact from an email. The only way to add him is to manually re-enter the information in google contacts. Windows Outlook made all this so much easier.

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