After you turn mail delegation in G Suite, the help page refers you to the regular free Gmail support in order to actually use this setting. That is, it requires, let's say secretaries - to grant access to their boss into the main office mailbox. Is there a way for a G Suite Admin to step in and directly give that access to the boss without having the secretary do it?

It's not unlike Can the superadmin account manage other users drive folders and files? but I'm asking if it can be done through the G Suite - and specifically Gmail - UI.

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Seems like it can only be done via programming.

If you install the https://github.com/jay0lee/GAM command line package, then you can use https://github.com/jay0lee/GAM/wiki/ExamplesEmailSettings#creating-a-delegate.

It basically uses https://developers.google.com/gmail/api/v1/reference/users/settings/delegates using a service account that has been delegated (no pun intended) a domain-wide authority.

If someone finds an easier way, I'll modify the answer.

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