My programming knowledge is not great and I need some help. I am trying to get conditional formatting to highlight any cell in a column that contains values between 13-16 AND in a different column (same row) that contains values between 32-34. So, for example, if a cell in column U had "14" and in that row in column W had a "33" it would highlight the "14" cell.

After spending a ton of time researching, this is as far as I've gotten:

=ArrayFormula(if(and(U1:U), ISBETWEEN(U1:U,13,16), ISBETWEEN (W1:W, 32, 34)))

My problem is that it highlights the cell in U but seems to be ignoring the upper limit of 16. So, it will correctly identify what I want it to, but it's also highlighting other things - like a U cell with a value of "18" with a W within the correct range.

I am at a total loss.


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Arrays are usually not required in conditional formatting custom formula rules. Try this rule for the range U1:U:

=and( isbetween(U1, 13, 16), isbetween(W1, 32, 34) )


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