I have a table which looks something like this in Google Sheet:

1 A B C
2 Others Maufacturing Manufacturing
3 Manufacturing MAnufacturing Manufacturing
4 Others Others Others
5 Others Others

I want to add a C column which will show the distribution: IF A2 = 'Others', look in B2 for the value. B2= Manufacturing, hence in C2 it is updated to "Manufacturing" IF A3 = 'Manufacturing', Update C column to Manufacturing If A4="Others", B4="Others", update C4 = "Others" If A5= "Others", B5="", update C5="Others

There are actually around 100s of unique values in A column in original sheet and I got successful in updating C column based on just column A. Most of the values in C column are updated to 'Others' and we need to know what is in Column B for the same. I have used the following formula: =IFS(ISBLANK(A2),"",OR(A2="Manufacturing",A2="Manufacturer),"Manufacturing" ,OR(A2="Others",A2="Other),"Others"

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There are various errors in your formula, including value's names. Try this:

or( and (A2="Others", B2="Manufacturing"),and (A2="Manufacturing", B2="Manufacturing")),"Manufacturing", 
or( and (A2="Others", B2="Others"),A2 ="Others"), "Others" 

If you were to use it with the arrayformula() function you will have to eliminate the "and" and "or" like this:

A2:A ="Others","Others" 
  • I will try this and update here but the function is going to get too long!
    – Dhiraj D
    Mar 7 at 16:26
  • Explain better what column A contains and what you want to achieve
    – Daniele
    Mar 7 at 17:17

It seems like your goal is to return the first value <> "Others".

Try this in C2:


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