Peek (on Linux) offers four formats to record the screen, and none of them seem to work when copied and pasted:

  • GIF/APNG: I get a picture at the time of copying instead of the Peek video.
  • WebM/MP4: I cannot copy and paste.

Peek menu:
enter image description here

Yet, I know that it must work somehow since I have a Google Doc that has a working GIF which I put in there. I just do not know anymore how I did it.

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You cannot copy and paste the video/animation, then it becomes just a screenshot of the time when you copied it. GIF and APNG work if you instead go to the menu:

  • Google Docs: Insert --> Image --> "Upload from your computer"

Other Google Editors

  • Google Sheets: Insert --> "Insert image over cells" (does not work with "Insert image in cell")
  • For Google Slides and Google Forms, I did not test it, but it should work as well with the menu.

Side remark: APNG is the smaller size version of GIF, which should be first choice for online sheets, see APNG vs GIF. Which is Better? [closed] - Stack Overflow

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