The proposed solution for the general question has been already asked here: How to change the values of a pie chart to absolute values instead of percentages in Google Sheets

But it doesn't work for me because the value is only shown in 1 of the slices:

screenshot value shown in only 1 slice

I thought that a solution may be to change the data to currency to show 2 decimals only, but it fixes nothing (the same is being shown):

data format changed to currency to show 2 decimals only

I believe that's the only way to show the data on a Pie Chart currently:

  1. Am I right? Is that the only why?

  2. If so: how to show it in all slices when the number has decimals?

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Use formulas to create a copy of the data table where you use round() to truncate the numbers to two decimal places. Then make the data range of the chart point to the new table.

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