I'm planning on deleting a very old domain I never use other than quite a lot as various email addresses on websites, services, etc.: hello@example.com, anything@example.com, etc.

As it is, all email sent to that domain are forwarded to my Gmail account.

Can I mark/label/filter/sort incoming mail in Gmail, so that all mail originally sent to xxxxx@example.com will have some visible mark, or be sorted somehow?

Then I can see it and go to that website/service and change my email address, before I delete my domain.

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A simple filter for to:(@example.com) should do what you need. Simply create a filter on that and apply the label you want. You'll also have the option to "Also apply filter to XXX matching conversations" so you can label any of the messages you've already received.

  • Yes, I figured it out, thank you. It was quite easy. I just made it star-mark mails sent to mydomain.com
    – mowgli
    Sep 14, 2012 at 9:29

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