I'm trying to use DCOUNTA() to count a range, the problem is that within the range there are date and times and I only want to match the months.

This function doesn't seem to work: DCOUNTA('QA Productivity Worksheet'!A2:F, "Colleague", {{"Colleague"; $A5}, { MONTH("Date"); MONTH($A$1) }})

I have also tried: TEXT("Date", "MM") with no success.

I'm pretty sure I'm using the wrong syntax to extract just the month from the "Date" column. How would I go about this?

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    "Criteria_arr is a range, embedded array or array generated by an array expression that is structured such that the first row contains the field name(s) " -- documentation. So it doesn't look like you can apply any scalar functions to the field prior to testing it against the criterion. I suggest using query instead, which allows this.
    – user79865
    Oct 28, 2015 at 6:58

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You need to use regexreplace first to remove the time part of the time stamp, and then the Text() function will properly transform the way you want.

=TEXT(REGEXREPLACE("date timestamp string","\d+:\d+:\d+",""),"MM")

Note: the timestamp part of the formula - may need to be altered depending on what exactly your string looks like, if you post an example of the string your starting with - I can modify the regex for you to fit that criteria

ALso if you share an example sheet - we can incorporate your DCOUNTA or a COUNTIF alternative

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