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Annotations are typically used to point out, or explain a specific portion of content, such as in YouTube videos.

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How to add annotations/cards/end screens to a YouTube video?

I'm studying a lot of tutorials out there, but none of them show the current YouTube interface, which looks like YouTube removed the option to insert those text annotations into the video. Could ...
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Annotate a Google Slides Presentation using touchpad / pen

I am an educator and I use Google slides for my courses. I would like to be able to draw-on/annotate my slides with a touch device (iPad, Android tablet, etc) during a presentation. I realize that if ...
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How to see a list of web pages that have Genius annotations?

Genius (formerly Rap Genius) is rolling out a feature that allows one to annotate any website on the Internet by prepending to the URL. So far, it appears only beta testers are allowed to ...
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How to annotate PDF files inside Google Drive? [closed]

Is is possible to annotate PDF files inside Google Drive? In the Google Drive PDF Viewer I could not find any annotating options. However, is there an extension that allows annotating PDF files? By ...
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How to make a permanent annotation

I created a YouTube video and I want to block out a corner of the video after I uploaded it. Is it possible to block out a portion of the video and make the annotation permanent?
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Is it possible to permanently turn off YouTube annotations? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: How can I permanently disable video annotations on YouTube? I know that on YouTube you can supposedly turn off annotations by unchecking the box under Settings > Playback. But ...
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65 votes
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How can I permanently disable video annotations on YouTube?

Is there a setting or YouTube option, or maybe even a browser plugin, that allows you to disable video annotations for good? I want to be able to switch them off permanently.
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