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Family Link: Lock Screen Password

I volunteer in a project where we offer academic support to children with limited resources. I am in charge of the tablets we lend them during the lessons, and we use Family Link to control what kind ...
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Instagram password reset

My account was hacked so now I am changing all my passwords. The email I received has a hyperlink on the "let us know" is this legit of a Instagram reset email?
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I can't get password reset for LoL on Outlook

I have an outlook email for many years that receives all emails as expected but recently I needed to reset my password for a League of Legends account. The password reset email never appears. Not in ...
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How to cancel MediaWiki's password reset’s email count? [closed]

If you use Special:PasswordReset more than once for the same username/e-mail address, then$wgPasswordReminderResendTime dictates you’ll get "A password reset ...
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How to inform Instagram of bogus password reset email without clicking link in email?

I received a "password reset" email from Instagram that I did not request. The body of the email does actually state: If you didn't request a password reset, let us know And the "let us know" text ...
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