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This tag should be used to differentiate questions about the process for transferring text, images, bar codes etc from other questions on this site. Use when the topic is conversion of electronic format to what is typically ink on to paper, but could be on to other media and may not involve ink. Do not use where the topic is making visible a concealed weapon nor merely writing in BLOCK capitals (such as by hand).

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8 votes
3 answers

Get Google Maps to print entire map displayed

Whenever I try to print a Google Map (using their interface) it cuts off the edge of the map. How do I print the whole map showing?
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1 vote
2 answers

Print all Gmail messages between specific dates

Is there a way to print (or export, or save as PDF) all mail messages between specific dates in Gmail? I realize I could probably do it through an email client, but I would rather be able to through ...
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