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Gmail IMAP telling me to "please log in using your web browser"

While it may seem counter-intuitive, Google believes your IMAP client is a "less secure application" relative to your web browser. You must therefore Allow less secure apps: If you don't use 2-...
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Why is Gmail not asking for IMAP info when importing mail as I am not receiving emails?

Yes, that feature is specifically about sending mail. It doesn't import anything, that's a separate feature 3 lines higher up on the page – look for an "Import mail and contacts" link. (Also,...
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Enable / Disable IMAP / POP Access on all Zoho email accounts

You change the default settings only if you're a super admin. Steps: Login to as Super Admin.  Go to Control panel User Details Click on the email address And you can modify the IMAP ...
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Force sync of Outlook folders to Gmail labels

OK, seeing the "this computer only" name change gave me a clue. I know how to solve this, but I don't know what caused it. And there's an extra, "keep safe" step to the solution. A. Create a new ...
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Error "Web login required." at Gmail when using an IMAP client but I've changed the settings to allow using it

Cause The "web login required error" means that Gmail is not recognizing your password or you are signing from a new location or device or you have enabled 2-Step Verification for your account. You ...
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Bulk moving emails out of Gmail to increase space available using IMAP

I recently encountered this too. I imagine that this is due to the peculiarities of how Gmail implements IMAP. See also this or the linked Bugzilla issues. I think we should consider filing a bug. As ...
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All Mail folder

Here is the very simple answer to your request: In Gmail it's not possible "to delete all emails from my All Mail folder without deleting them from my Inbox or Sent mail folder". Related Is ...
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How to download entire Gmail account in a format prepared to upload to another server (such as Dovecot) / email provider?

You can refer to the official pages on how to Export your data from Gmail as well as How to download your Google data, where you will find complete instructions on how to complete your export. You can ...
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Trouble forwarding AOL email to new Gmail account

This forwarding from AOL to Gmail can no longer be done. When I inquired of AOL I received this response (11/9/18): Thank you for contacting the AOL Email Support Team. Unfortunately, at this ...
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