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WARNING: Questions about Windows Applications are off-topic. Don't use tag merely to identify your OS. Use tag to differentiate Windows-specific web app questions. For example, questions about Windows-specific keyboard shortcuts.

WARNING: Questions about Windows Applications are off-topic on Web Applications Stack Exchange, but might be on-topic on Super User Stack Exchange.

This tag should not be used merely to identify your OS if that is not relevant to the question.

Tag Usage Examples:

  • USE Tag for this question:

    What are Windows-specific keyboard shortcuts in the Netflix Web App?

  • DON'T USE Tag for this question:

    How do I create a filter in the Gmail Web App?


Microsoft Windows

Microsoft Windows is the most widely used family of operating systems in the world. The most recent client version, Windows 7, was released in mid-2009. Both standard Windows and Server versions are based on the same core code base. In addition, a mobile version of Windows is available for smartphones and other hand-held devices. The most recent version is Windows Phone 7, released in fall 2010.

This tag covers problems and questions which run across various Windows operating systems, but which may not be specific to a particular version.