I have a tracking code which is currently used on two ORACLE APEX webapplications. (210 and 400).

I have made a view in Google Analytics, which contains a filter that should exclude the 400 application from the view (see img below).

enter image description here

I tested the regex at https://regex-golang.appspot.com/assets/html/index.html enter image description here

Which should exclude tracking in the view from the following url:


And should allow the following url to be tracked in the view:


However, in Google Analytics I still see the tracking:

enter image description here

Hopefully someone can tell me whats wrong with my regex.

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Your regular expression looks fine. That screenshot, however, looks like it is from your real-time reports. Real-time reports do not always respect filters, especially if those filters were recently created.

The safer option is to allow data to collect for 12-24 hours and then inspect your content reports for the day. You should hopefully see the absence of any pages with "400:" in the URL.

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