When I use this formula to import data


The result is Sector: Industrial Goods. I'd like to use the LEFT function to remove the Sector: text and show only Industrial Goods. I can't seem to get the syntax right. I can use this formula to show the length of the string:


But can't figure out how to incorporate the LEFT function to get my result.

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Short Answer

Instead of LEFT() use RIGHT().


The LEFT() function returns the leftmost characters, but the OP want to get the rightmost characters.

The following is a simplified version of the final formula, for explanatory purposes:

=RIGHT("Sector: Industrial Goods",16)

The following is the final formula; in order to improve readability, each parameter is inserted in a new line:


There are a couple ways to do it:

If you specifically want to get rid of only that one element that shows up as "Sector" you can use the substitute function:

=substitute(iferror(INDEX(IMPORTHTML("http://www.thestreet.com/quote/GE/details/company-profile.html","table",3),8,1)),"Sector: ","")

alternatively, if you would like the function to remove any of the tag names, not only the sector one, you can use regexreplace:

=regexreplace(iferror(INDEX(IMPORTHTML("http://www.thestreet.com/quote/GE/details/company-profile.html","table",3),8,1)),".*\: ","")

You could also directly import that element using importxml. This site your pulling the data from has very organized and specific elements, for example:


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