I've been noticing of late that when I write paragraphs that end up needing word-wrapping as Gmail will make these lines extremely long and cause horizontal scroll bars and hence make having to read the email very annoying.

I have done some testing and most clients will keep it this way and hence cause issues for the receiver; however, I noticed Thunderbird wraps long lines nicely.

I have tried sending the exact same message from Thunderbird and it wraps the lines nicely (I have the format on auto-detect).

I can't use plain-text mode as I have a HTML signature included; is there a fix for this? Surely there must be a fix for this for such a large email provider?

I am using GSuite (formerly Google Apps) if it matters.


Ok, seems it wasn't a Gmail issue at all; it was caused by my email signature.

I had set my HTML email signature to 100%, such as…

<table width="100%" style="width: 100% !important;">

so this was what was creating a long page width and the text was just utilising the space already created; I removed the width parameters and everything looks great!

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