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Determine if onEdit() was triggered by inserting or removing a row

row and column information isn't available via onChange() You can determine the active row and column in an installable "on change" trigger like this: const ss = SpreadsheetApp.getActive()...
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How to do autoresizecolumns() in a Google Sheets file when data imported from another Google Sheets file is changed

Use Installable Trigger Instead of using the simple trigger onOpen(e) bound to Staff Contacts, use an installable trigger in Staff Roster to make the change in Staff Contacts whenever Staff Roster is ...
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Basic date manipulation in Google script

This is an old post, but still valuable. You can set the values back to date objects prior to comparing them: var curDate = Utilities.formatDate(FullDT, "GMT-0400", "MM/dd/yyyy") ...
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