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63 votes

How do I add new styles to Google docs?

A lot of the solutions don't work inline. This is a cleaned-up solution offered by @AlekseyBykov using Google App Scripts to add a custom menu action: Create a new script (Tools > Script Editor) ...
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49 votes

Easy way to convert text lines into table rows?

The problem for a Q&A site is that "easiest" is subjective. However I can offer one approach which is to copy the text into Sheets and copy that back into Docs. It is quite practical for me, but ...
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43 votes

In Google Docs can the entire background colour for a piece of text be changed?

Select the text Format> Paragraph Styles> Borders and Shading Choose your background color
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40 votes

Show resolved comments on Google Docs in context without re-opening them?

Click on "Comments" at the top right corner (marked in the image below). The resolved ones are listed there. Source: Link To see the original context of a comment, click on that comment. This will ...
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39 votes

Is there a way to use Font Awesome icons in Google Docs?

I broke down and made Font Awesome vector graphics in Google Draw: Google Drive Template Link: "Font Awesome Vector Icons/Glyphs" Instructions: Click on the link to open the template in ...
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36 votes

How to view the parent folder of a Google Document?

Update: Folder icon has now changed to a move icon, but it still works...
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34 votes

Can I format the Google Docs Table of Contents to only include certain headers?

Unfortunately Google Docs does not support hiding specific heading levels. The only "solution" would be to change the headers you want to hide to the "Normal" style, then manually set the font ...
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31 votes

How can I get code syntax highlighting in Google Docs?

You can add-on Code Block for Google Docs. 1*- Google Docs --> Add-ons Tab --> 2*- Get Add-ons ... --> Search For: 'Code Blocks' 3*- Then you go to Add-ons --> Code Block --> Start 4*- Select Theme(...
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30 votes

What is the hotkey for adding rows in Google Docs?

Pressing Tab when the cursor is at the rightmost of the bottom row automatically adds a new row below it. It's quite handy if you don't know how many rows you need in advance and require them as you ...
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30 votes

How to automatically size tables to the entire width of a Google Doc?

This is all because of the Column width property in a table. If you right-click the table and choose Table properties, you'll see a dialog such as: In the original "pristine" state, all 3 ...
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Can I format the Google Docs Table of Contents to only include certain headers?

What I did to solve the problem which is probably doc specific, but I was using H1 through H3, what would have been H4 I didn't want to show up in the TOC. I converted all the H4's to Subtitles, then ...
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26 votes

Embed Google Spreadsheet in Google Document

From today (2016-05-20) on, Google is starting to roll out the ability to embed a chart from a Google spreadsheet into a Google document. At this point, two of my 3 Google accounts make the option ...
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25 votes

How to view the parent folder of a Google Document?

Missing the Folder Icon? If you find that little folder missing to the right of the file name, then you can choose File > Document details... to at least see the parent directory name. E.g.: And ...
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23 votes

Can I format the Google Docs Table of Contents to only include certain headers?

The previous answers suggests setting the style of headers to "Normal" and manually setting their style to look like a header. If you do so, you will lose the ability to link to that header from ...
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23 votes

All Google Docs URL parameters/functions/commands?

There is no official Google documentation for this. Let's have unofficial one: /copy /export /edit /view /preview /create /pub? /fm?id= /tq?tqx=out:html &key=[ID] &gid=[#] &single=[true|...
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21 votes

Always a blank line above where I insert a table?

Right now you can fully hide the line with font size 1 and custom line spacing .06, I visually verified that saving as PDF shows no whitespace at the top. Also, in regards to not being able to ...
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21 votes

How to extend word underline to end of line with Google Docs

You can achieve a similar effect by: Highlighting the text Opening Format > Paragraph styles > Borders and shading... Choosing a bottom border Pressing Apply
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21 votes

Google Docs strike-through shortcut not working on Mac in Chrome

I eventually tested on a 3rd Mac and it worked. It turns out it was a Chrome extension using that same shortcut on my 2 Macs. I don't know why Incognito mode didn't solve this. You can see the ...
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20 votes

Google Docs PDF export has extra blank pages at the end of the document

In the Google Doc help forum, there are a few answers suggesting to change the view to "print layout". Changing the view to "print layout" fixed the issue for me.
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18 votes

Google Docs: How to change the color of bullets in bulleted lists?

While it's not the perfect solution, I just discovered a way that should be a little less tedious than what you're currently doing. I just created a quick bulleted list in a brand new Google Doc ...
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18 votes

Can't add alternate email in Gmail

I spent too much time trying to crack this and finally figured out a solution. This applies if you're in a very specific situation where all of these apply: When you try to add an alternate email to ...
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17 votes

Link to view PDF version of a Google Docs

Replace the beginning of the url with the Google Docs viewer. This is what you need:
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17 votes

Add page break in table in Google Docs

To split a table in Google Docs: Select the bottom part of the table - everything below the point where you want the split. Drag it below the table Delete the empty rows that are left behind
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16 votes

How do I add new styles to Google docs?

The workaround I've come to rely on is the Copy/Paste Format feature shortcut. As the format "clipboard" is separate from the text clipboard, it is preserved for as long as you have the document open. ...
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16 votes

How can I link to revision history on Google Docs?

In Google Sheets (but not Docs) I was able to get a permalink for a particular from/to revision pair. While in the Google Sheet, enable your browser's developer tool In the Sheet, select File -> See ...
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16 votes

Can you specify an accout to use with Google's “.new” doc creation URL?

Since Jul. 25th 2019 it's actually possible to specify in which account to create the new file, exactly as you stated in your question. From now on: - creates the file in your personal ...
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15 votes

Putting page numbers in a table of contents in Google Docs

The recent (5 Oct 2016) update of Google Documents now include that feature. To insert a table of contents with page numbers, ... simply select the numbered option when inserting a table of ...
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15 votes

How to make hundreds of URLs clickable in Google Docs

I did some research on using Google Apps Scripts and I came up with this script that works for my needs. I hope it's useful for someone else too. function onOpen() { DocumentApp.getUi()....
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How can I create an anchor link in a Google Docs document?

You can create a bookmark. Place the cursor where you want to link to, and select Insert → Bookmark from the menu. Click the Link item in the popup menu: The browser location bar now shows ...
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14 votes

How to print a Google Docs document with comments in the margin?

You can do this as follows, in the Google Document click File > Download As > Web page. Then, open the downloaded file with any browser, print that. At the bottom of the document you will have all ...
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