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69 votes

How to remove accounts from "Choose an account" list in Google sign in?

log out open click on Continue select Remove an account click on that ⊖ select Yes, remove* done old GUI:
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41 votes

Why did I get a "There's been a change to your Google account" message and password reprompt?

It looks like this is a known issue, and Google is on top of it. From the product forums: We've gotten reports about some users being signed out of their accounts unexpectedly. We're investigating, ...
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35 votes

How to remove accounts from "Choose an account" list in Google sign in?

Looks like it's changed again. You have to first click the button "Sign Out of All Accounts". If you get the list of accounts, just click on the red icons to remove the account from the list....
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26 votes

How to remove accounts from "Choose an account" list in Google sign in?

I wasn't getting the remove button in the account chooser either, but it's actually easier now: Sign out of the account you want to remove. Click on the accounts drop down menu (top right). Click ...
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25 votes

How do I sign out of a single Google account?

"Perhaps the ability to sign out of a single account has been removed?" I am afraid you are correct. It has nothing to do with the kind of the operating system (Mac, Windows, Linux etc) you use. It ...
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18 votes

Can't add alternate email in Gmail

I spent too much time trying to crack this and finally figured out a solution. This applies if you're in a very specific situation where all of these apply: When you try to add an alternate email to ...
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17 votes

How do I remove an account from Google multi-login?

Follow these steps to remove other accounts from your computer: Open a new tab and type in Google. Sign out of your account in that tab. Click the blue sign in button in the upper right corner. ...
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17 votes

Is one person allowed multiple Google accounts?

It is certainly possible - I have multiple. I have not found any mention of Google limiting the number of accounts you can create, in fact, Google's documentation mentions ways to sign in to multiple ...
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17 votes

How to remove profile picture in Google account?

The solution in 2019 Open the link Click on the picture Click "No Photo" button It will take up to 24 hours to get the picture removed from all Google products.
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15 votes

How do I prevent websites from prompting me to sign in with Google?

From a GitHub post: Click the puzzle piece icon (Extensions). Click uBlock Origin (Open extension). Click the gears icon (Open the dashboard). Click the My filters tab. Insert the following line: ...
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14 votes

How to view the full size and remove old Google Profile pictures

Google unified the account management system for almost all their products. One of the results of this integration is that the top bar has the same buttons on the top right corner, including the ...
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13 votes

Why are my edits and presence anonymous in Google document when I'm signed in?

It's probably because you weren't invited individually to the file: If you share your file with a link, you may not see the names of people who view it. People you didn’t invite ...
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12 votes

Enabling 2FA on a Google Account, how to get TOTP secret?

TOTP 2FA can only be used as a secondary/backup 2-factor authentication method on Google accounts, and you must set up 2-factor authentication with one of the three supported primary 2FA methods (I ...
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11 votes

Can I change my Gmail email address?

Since this problem is 7 years old, for any people looking for the correct answer, please understand that there are some glaring problems with what the original poster has asked here: As soon as I ...
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11 votes

Specify default Google account for different products

A trick I use is to define a bookmark in my bookmarks bar for each of my various Google services. From my experience, Google services enumerate the user account in the URL, so
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10 votes

Disallow "Signing in with Google" to 3rd party sites

Google YOLO login prompts can now be disabled in your Google Account settings: Google Account sign-in prompts Allow Google to offer a faster way to ...
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How to manage repeated notifications of attempts to hack into my account

You really can't stop them from trying but you can make your account more secure. For GMail / Google account I would setup the 2 step authentication. The 2 step process links your smartphone to your ...
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Stop Chrome from asking me which account I want to log in as?

If you are signed out of all Google Accounts, this "choose account" page should show a button for "Remove" at the bottom (next to the "Add account" button). Click on "Remove", and each account will ...
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8 votes

How do I sign out of a single Google account?

Posts here and elsewhere allude to a workaround - just for clarity, here is one possible approach with full details. The basic idea is to log into the account on a separate device, and use Google's ...
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Why does Gmail show two different pictures for my profile, one of which is not me?

You have a contact saved with your email address and the photo is saved there. Locate the contact and delete the photo and it will take the one from your Google profile automatically.
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How to delete all passwords saved on my google account?

One possible solution is Click on the 3 vertical dots in the upper right corner Click "More Tools" > "Clear Browsing Data" On the new page, change the time frame to "All ...
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7 votes

How to remove the Google Calendar duplicate events?

Not Duplicates Strictly speaking, this is not a case of duplicate events in your calendar. Rather, you are looking at 2 different Google users' calendars who are attending the same event. Google ...
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How to activate 2-Factor Authorization with authenticator for a Google account?

Even to activate the Authenticator, first you need to complete SMS/Voice setup. Then, follow the directions for your type of device explained on Google Help page for 2-Step Verification. Read this ...
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Share Calendar with two Google accounts

You can share your main calendar from Account1 with Account2. Just go to the settings (gear, upper right) in Account1, choose Calendars and enter "Share this calendar" right of your main-calendar. ...
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I'm logged into two Google accounts, and every time I open Gmail, the wrong account is used

I found the answer here. Summary of the fix: Log out of Google (this logs you out of all your Google accounts) Log in into your accounts in such an order that the first one is the one you want to be ...
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6 votes

How can I hide my name on a shared Google Doc?

It's not possible to hide the owner name on shared documents. It could be found either on the Google Documents UI or on Google Drive. The alternative is to use an account that doesn't include your ...
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6 votes

How can I restore my deleted Google Account and how long before it is gone forever?

If you deleted your Google Account, you have about 2–3 weeks to recover it. If your account is restored, you'll be able to sign in as usual to Gmail, Google Play, and other Google products. Go ...
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Convert an adult's Google account to a child's account

Simon, it took me forever to find this, but this link appears to work. As long as your child's account birth date is under 18 years old. First you sign ...
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6 votes

How can I get back a Gmail account I deleted forever 10 days ago?

Recover a recently deleted Google Account If you deleted your Google Account, you may be able to get it back. If it’s been a while since you deleted your account, you may not be able to recover ...
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