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I happened to need this feature to "reference" an old email with my colleagues. And I managed to do this with "rfc822msgid:" search operator. Copy the Message-ID from the header of the message you want to reference, then search for it. For example, the Message-ID is and you can search for in the Gmail ...


Adding a .info after the URL will give you detailed analytics of the short URL, including: The full URL being pointed to QR Code Number of clicks over various timeframes Visitor information: Referrers Browsers Platforms (Windows, et al.) Country of origin For instance: This question: For a better example, here's the example link ...


Now this feature is implemented, try: right click any cell and try get link to this cell


You can append #t={hours}:{minutes}:{seconds} to the SoundCloud URL. Examples (try to click):


Imgur does not provide a direct link to images any more. Still. You have a couple of alternatives: Alternative 1 Right-click on the image and choose Open Image in New Tab Once the image is opened, copy the image address Alternative 2 Right-click on the image and choose Copy Image Address Alternative 3 After you uploaded the image click on the little arrow ...


When you hit the share button on a song, the screen features a check box that lets you create a link to the a specific time: It's worth noting that at this stage, you can click the orange timeline above to navigate the song and find the time you're trying to link.


Notes: This only works with the old Google spreadsheets. From Moving spreadsheets to the new Google Sheets - Docs editors Help *Spreadsheets created in the old version of Sheets will eventually be converted to the new Sheets, which won’t require any action on your part. More details coming soon. Yes, it is possible to link to a row by using the ...


Open menu Tools → Script Editor and paste this code: function getSheetUrl() { var SS = SpreadsheetApp.getActiveSpreadsheet(); var ss = SS.getActiveSheet(); var url = ''; url += SS.getUrl(); url += '#gid='; url += ss.getSheetId(); return url; } Close The Script Editor. And use this formula: =hyperlink(getSheetUrl(),"Link")


As another user answered, Google finally added a feature to Google Sheets (GS) spreadsheets to allow linking directly to cells. The feature is intended for linking to ranges of cells, but specifying single cells works, too. GS also supports linking to named ranges of cells in a spreadsheet, but that feature requires a little more work to use than the range ...


You can use nFiles. Simply forward your email to This will turn your email into a web page similar to this: Then you can share the URL of your email messages to your friends via email, IM or social media. Details:


Use this service: You insert the copied link from Google results and get clean URL without Google redirection code.


With a very large number of files (50+), a method without painful clicking is the following: Open the desired Google Drive folder and get its ID in the URL from the browser location bar:<id> Open a new Google Sheet and navigate Tools > Script editor. In the new script, put (replace the <id> in the code)...


I had a somewhat similar problem and found the following solution: 1) Open the Master Slide; 2) Select "Colors..." at the top of the Master Slide; 3) At the "Theme colors" dialog (right-hand side of the screen), select "Link"; 4) Pick the desired link color and it is finished...


While this question already has an accepted answer, I just found an alternative that for me, more closely satisfies the OP's question: While you can't share URLs as @OrangeBox points out, you can share search queries. Using Gmail's Search Operators, I've found that it's usually pretty easy to return a single result from even a large body of emails. So the ...


You can't. We use shortlinks like that internally and the recommendation applies to internal products only (e.g. a page changes the URL, we don't need to update the product and just update the shortlink). For your purposes, you can either use the direct link to the MSDN page or use one of the available URL shortening services.


One workaround is to add a comment to the cell. In the comment write +email-address, for e.g. "This comment is to link to the cell for". "" will then receive an email with a link, that if you click it, will automatically highlight that particular cell+comment in the spreadsheet. I'm not sure, but you theoretically ...


This is a little late, but should do what you're looking for.


As per this Facebook Community Help Post: Click "Add Photo/Video", and then click back to "Write Post" and it will link fine!!!


That is the link to the Google Drive image viewer, rather than a link to the image itself. If you check the URL for the image when you visit that link, you get an URL like: blob:https%3A// That's not useful. You need to do a little URL manipulation of your original URL to be able to hotlink it. You need ...


Short answer Use a custom function to get the quoted string inside a cell formula. Code The external post shared in the comment by Yisroel Tech includes a script that replaces each formula in the active range by the first quoted string in the corresponding formula. The following is an adaptation as custom function of that script. /** * Extracts the ...


Try Slack's Link Buttons, which specifically open links in new browser tabs when clicked. { "text": "Test Link Buttons", "channel": "C061EG9SL", "attachments": [ { "fallback": "Test link button to", "actions": [ { "type": "button", "name": "...


2nd EDIT (following OP's request) "I need a solution that gets me all the way from having a list of filenames (what I have now) to having a list of links I can click on and get to the corresponding file. Incomplete answers like "write a custom menu that uses DriveApp.getFilesByName" won't be accepted" 1. On the spreadsheet's menu find Tools and click on ...


Slack doesn't give an ability to put formatted text in the channel topic. If you enter the link directly though, it'll be correctly hyperlinked. This can be confirmed from the API documentation page for conversations.setTopic The new topic string. Does not support formatting or linkification.


I ended up creating a small extension called GTD: Trello Card Links that allows you to put any link on the front of your Trello Cards and make it clickable. I always found it really annoying having to click on the back of cards to get to where I wanted to be! Features Clickable Links on cards Multiple Links on cards Link to cards and create EPIC stories ...


Adding /latest/ to the end of the URL seems to work.


Unfortunately, no, there's not currently a way to directly link to a PDF on SkyDrive. The closest you can get—using the built-in "Share" link—will instead open it in Office365's online Word viewer, for whatever reason. You can almost circumvent this by sharing the document, then, in the viewer, grabbing the URL that you ultimately download the ...


In the top right of the document is a blue button that says Share (with a lock over it) -- click this, the "link to share" field will already be highlighted with the URL to your document. Copy and Paste that URL in the other document. Click on it. That should do it.

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