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Found a more straightforward solution. No script, no extensions: Type the /who command on a channel where you have the (most) people you want to add. Copy the output Paste it in the channel where you want those people to get invited to Press Intro/Enter key Slack will ask you what to do with all those people "that are not in the channel yet". If you ...


Since @Abram solution stopped working I played a little bit. This one works partially for me now, you might need to run it a couple times though His instructions: Just browse to the appropriate channel and paste this script (below) into your Chrome/Firefox dev console and hit enter. Then wait for the script to run until it completes. It might take time as ...


According to slack: Stars are a way to mark an item in Slack as important. You can star channels or direct messages to move them to the top of your left sidebar, or star messages so you can easily come back to them later. Any items you star are marked only for you. To mark something as important for everyone on your team, try pinning the item ...


Solution Copy and paste the text below and change the word in the asterisks for your own needs: *bold*­ It will not be rendered as bold text when you post your Slack message. Note: There are hidden characters either side of the asterisks which will prevent Slack from formatting your word(s) between the asterisks. Explanation This is a variation of ...


Go to Or via the UI: Go to your team's Slack webpage (i.e. You can get there by tapping the dropdown arrow then choosing one of the links below your team's organization such as "Customize Slack." In the left menu, possibly under the hamburger (depending on screen size) select "About ...


Found the answer in the Slack docs. The solution is to add the text in:someChannel or in:someUser to your search query.


Open a direct message and STAR it to keep it showing on the sidebar. This is very useful because it does remove any duplicates that would show up in the direct messages part of the sidebar, so you still have plenty of space.


On the browser view, click on the drop down menu next to your team's name on Preferences. Then click on Messages and media on the left-hand side. Then, under the section Inline Media & Links you will find checkboxes for Expand images and files uploaded to Slack Expand links to images, video and audio from external sources Even if it is an image ...


From Slack support: Click your team name to open the Team Menu. Choose Preferences. Select the Messages & Media tab. Check out the Message Theme and Display Options settings. You can adjust other message-related settings under Display Options: ... Show times with 24-hour clock Choose between 24-hour and 12-hour times (e.g. 16:12 or 4:12 PM).


For the current WYSIWYG editor, hit Ctrl+Z immediately after conversion happened. For example: abc *def* ghi will result in abc def ghi On the other hand, abc *def*<CTRL+Z> ghi will result in abc *def* ghi This works for formatting only, not for Slack Emojis.


This seems to do the trick: from:me in:#random ... to list all messages I've posted in #random


I just tested and a single back-tick will escape upcoming formatting characters for the rest of the message. `*I don't want this to be bold*` That will be formatted as code `*I don't want this to be bold* That will be formatted normally but both asterisks will appear instead of making the text bold.


You can restrict who can post to the #general channel on your team settings, in Available restrictive options are Team Owners and Admins or Team Owners only. You can rename #general to something more appropriate like "#announcements". Currently, you cannot restrict posting rights to other public channels ...


It seems it's on their todo list: Threaded messages are on our to-do list! 📋 an update from 8th june: It's been taking awhile but it'll happen 👌 another from january 2016: we're working on it. No ETA though (other than probably not too soon). and more recently from sept 2016: Threading is in the works — bear with us if you can. Thanks! 🏓 ...


UPDATE!: (2017-12-07) It seems Google has updated the Chrome web browser controls (and possibly others) to show placeholders for many common ASCII control characters, INCLUDING the Vertical Tab character! This change has caused my original Solution below to break, now showing "unknown character" squares or in some cases whitespace breaks, where before it ...


Unfortunately there is no read receipt feature, although it is on their dev backlog according to this Tweet thread. There isn't much you can do outside of asking if they saw it. Some other possibilities: Look at their screen to see if their Slack app is showing the unread message notification. This isn't perfect though. You'll know they read it if the ...


It looks like you can't disable Slackbot for all channels, according to Slack support. But you can at least disable the channel suggestions by selecting the option of "No, Turn Them Off" under these suggestions, or go to Preferences > Advanced > Other Options and untick the option to send these occasionally.


This answer is provided by Slack itself, Admins or even Owner can't delete the users permanently because of this reason:


To view all posting in chronological order, you can do a search for something like on:today and sort the results by Most recent. If you want to get back to a previous channel you were viewing, the fact that Slack is really a webapp is your friend. Hit your browser back key combination (ex. Command-LeftArrow on a Mac).


Click on "Direct Messages" to bring up a list of recent conversations:

12 (mirror): When you add people to a DM (Direct Message), a new conversation will start without the previous message history. (If you'd like to keep message history, you can move the group DM to a private channel instead.)


Click on the arrow at the upper left of the screen. Click Configure Integrations Click on Github Choose the channel you want news to be posted to Authentify Select the repository and branch to get news from Select the type of news you want Click Save integration


According to @SlackHQ (the official Slack twitter account), "owners can only see the private channels that they are a member of".


There is not a single-key way to do this, but it is possible to start a thread using only the keyboard: Hit Shift-F6 ("move focus to the previous section") to select the message. (Assuming that you have just sent that message. Otherwise you may need a different shortcut.) Hit Tab four times to move the focus to "Start a thread". Hit Enter. Boom! (My ...


I solved this by using Slack's WebHook integration and let it call a little PHP script I wrote. The script takes the information and mails it. The script is really simple and it's on GitHub.


If there are more than 100 members to be invited. Use Channel Tools app. Channel Tools helps you bulk invite all members from one Slack channel to another If you have been wondering how to invite all team members to a new Slack channel, Channel Tools is your answer. Our app makes it super easy to add members to your Slack channel in bulk. If you are ...


There is only one way to achieve what you want: Use a bot to create messages using the Slack API. Here's a page with an example showing how to do exactly what you want. But if you, the human, are typing using the Slack client, as others have said, there's no way to produce a string of text surrounded by asterisks. If you don't want other kinds of formatting ...


There's an undocumented API endpoint for this: emoji.add (and its little buddy emoji.remove). emoji.add POST parameters token (either in POST body or Authorization: Bearer header) (There's an open GitHub issue that claims you can't use xoxb tokens, only xoxs ones.) mode (data) name (what you want as the custom emoji's name, e.g. my-party-parrot) image (the ...

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