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Where can I see all my comments on issues on GitHub?

You can view issues you've commented on by using the following search string in your Issues page search box: is:issue commenter:@me To show only open issues, add the is:open qualifier: is:issue ...
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GitHub - What's this "Pro" tag on my profile?

PRO tag refers to GitHub today (07.01.2019) announced that it is changing the name of the GitHub Developer suite to GitHub Pro. The company says it’s doing so in order to "help ...
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Where can I see all my comments on issues on GitHub?

You can view all the issues on Github you have commented on by going to and selecting Reason as Comment. This will show all the issues that you've ...
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Strikethrough with GitHub Markdown

I know this is an old question, but I don't see a very detailed answer of the possibilities to strikethrough your text. So here's my answer: There are several ways to do it: <strike>strike</...
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GitHub - What's this "Pro" tag on my profile?

Someone who has the pro plan on github or someone who is on an educational plan, because you get pro privileges.
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Caching assets in website served from GitHub pages

Officially confirmed to be impossible. Answer from GitHub support: Thanks for reaching out to GitHub Support about using GitHub Pages We set the following Cache-Control header for all GitHub Pages ...
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How can I list people who have starred my GitHub repository?

These information is now available in the About section of the repository on the right side of the page beside the code section. The numbers before 'star' and 'watching' are clickable.
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GitHub - What's this "Pro" tag on my profile?

This update came with the "New year, new GitHub" blog post. It indicates you got the "GitHub Pro" plan. (it used to be called "GitHub Developer" pack) GitHub Developer is now called GitHub Pro. It ...
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Analytics on GitHub pages

No. The only way to track analytics for a GitHub Pages page/site is via a third-party service such as Clicky, Google Analytics, Gauges, Plausible, etc.
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How do I find the date of the first commit in a GitHub repository?

Hydra's answer may not work with projects that have a lot of forks: "Couldn't load network graph. Too many forks to display." You can check the 'Contributors' tab under 'Insights'
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Any way to contact a user on GitHub?

This method worked in August 2022 Copy and paste the next line into your browser (feel free to bookmark it): Find the GitHub username for which you ...
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File size and storage limits on GitHub

GitHub storage limits as of Sep 2015 Per repository git file: 100 MB (strict) GitHub will warn you when pushing files larger than 50 MB. You will not be allowed to push files larger than 100 MB. ...
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Can't see the forks of a project on GitHub when "Too many forks to display" is shown

Update 02 March 2021 The app below is no longer available and the domain redirects to some spam site. It served me well for 5 years. Original answer: I just stumbled across an app called Stargazers ...
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How do I download a particular file from GitHub?

If you're viewing the contents of the file itself there should be a "Raw" button. You can either: Right-click on that and select the "Save content as..." (or similar depending on your browser) ...
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Where can I see all my comments on issues on GitHub?

Easier and improve from the accepted answer: is:issue commenter:@me
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Can I view all time all repo commits of a user at GitHub?

You can now do this by prepending the prefix "author:" to a username in the search box. Or modify and use this URL directly:
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Am I allowed to host a commerical website on GitHub Pages?

As of May 23th, 2018 much of this seems to have changed. From the terms of service I. Additional Terms for GitHub Pages Short version: The GitHub Pages hosting service is subject to certain rules, in ...
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How to search with boolean operators on GitHub?

The default search works as though there is an implied AND operator between each search key-value pair: is:pr is:open author:monishdeb If you specify more than one key-value pair for a key, it uses ...
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Where can I see all my comments on issues on GitHub?

View all my comments on GitHub Issues Visit: Explained lists all issues on Gitub Filter by is:...
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How can I delete my posted issue on GitHub?

Although you can't delete issue, you can delete your sensitive information by edit Deleting sensitive information from a comment's history When you delete sensitive information from the comment's ...
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How to switch to GitHub mobile website?

I know this is a 5 year old post, but it is still the first Google hit for "GitHub Switch to Mobile Version" and several other variants. The solution to add "?mobile=1" still works at least in some ...
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Can I trick GitHub into displaying the PDF in the browser instead of downloading it?

Jupyter's nbviewer handles the task. Just paste the URL to your GitHub hosted PDF into For example, here is a PDF that I host on GitHub rendered in the browser.
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How can I see my contributions on GitHub to everywhere except my own repo's?

At the moment, there is no way to do this on The closest feature may be searching for pull requests and issues: If you go in the Pull request tab and search for author:@me -user:@me, you ...
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Where is the complete list of GitHub achievements?

TL;DR: While the answer by Smitop is currently correct, there is official documentation including specifics on how the ...
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Strikethrough with GitHub Markdown

Use ~ to enclose whatever you want to strike. Here's a GIF. Just use ~ character at the start and the end in markdown. ~strike~
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Force GitHub syntax highlighting language on source files

You can now force the language of any file in your repositories using Linguist overrides. GitHub Linguist is the open-source library used to detect the language of files across Github. To force your ....
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Can I add an image as a logo of a GitHub repository?

Now it's possible under the repository settings.
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Am I allowed to host a commerical website on GitHub Pages?

It might be worth noting that the clause posted in the accepted answer is no longer in the GitHub Terms of Service. Here is the updated clause: You may use the GitHub Pages static hosting service ...
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How to search with boolean operators on GitHub?

Code Search GitHub's code search* supports boolean expressions: You can use the operators AND, OR, and NOT to combine search terms. By default, adjacent terms separated by whitespace are equivalent ...
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