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Why does say that this URL is not available?

There's something about the way this server uses SNI that is incompatible with Java's libraries: So no, our crawler can't talk to it over ...
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3 votes

Access DuckDuckGo without HTTPS?

The "DuckDuckGo Settings" are available over HTTP (without SSL/TLS) at: any other page of DuckDuckGo with kh=-1 parameter. And on a "Privacy" tab of the ...
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3 votes

Getting root domain SSL to work with G Suite, Google Sites, and Google Domains

I have hosted several websites using Google Sites, that includes sites for educational institutions, local shops, and personal websites. First off, you can't use a naked domain to get to work with ...
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2 votes

How do I force Wikipedia to HTTP, since their HTTPS is broken?

As of June 2015, HTTPS is required to view the English Wikipedia, along with several other language versions of Wikipedia. According to Wikimedia, browsing over HTTP is no longer possible. See ...
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Getting root domain SSL to work with G Suite, Google Sites, and Google Domains

This answer from @blairanderson solved it:
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What doest "x HTTPS upgrades" mean in Brave browser?

Brave browser implemented directly this extension (or modification of it) HTTPS Everywhere into itself, which basically tries to force sites to be loaded as HTTPS if it's possible (the reason is that ...
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