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Use for questions about web applications using iCalendar feeds importing / exporting .ics files like Google Calendar, Apple Calendar, using webcal protocol in web browsers. For general reference about iCalendar see

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iCal recurrence rule misbehaving

I have a long list of events that recurs every day, Monday through Saturday. I generated the following ics file: However, when I import this into Google Calendar (or any ...
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Import large calendar into Google Calendar

I tried to import a calendar file (.ics file) into Google Calendar, but it gave me an error message: Processed 0 of 0 events The file you tried to import is too large How do I import it? I tried ...
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How to make an event repeat on the Wednesday following the 3rd Monday of every month in Google Calendar or iCal file format? [closed]

Is this possible to do in Google Calendar or .iCal format? I've explored rrule.js options at this site.
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Monthly repeating event for Monday before last Friday of a month in Google Calendar

I need to set up a repeating (monthly) event for the Monday preceding the last Friday of a Month in Google Calendar (or macOS calendar). There's no way to create this directly using the calendar app/...
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Integrating Office 365 Calendar with Google Calendar

I am trying to integrate a offiche-365 calendar to google-calendar. The purpose is to use the ical from the google calendar in a 3rd party app where I can only read Google Calendars. However, ...
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How do I set a recurring event that takes place on the 15th each month but is NOT a weekend?

I'm trying to enter in a reminder for payday. I'm paid on the 15th of each month. However, if the 15th falls on a Saturday or Sunday, I'm paid on Friday. I have no problem entering a recurring ...
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How do I view a Facebook Page events' in Calendar Format?

Either how do I export just one Facebook Page's events' into ical format so I can view in my preferred format or how can I view it in Calendar format. I know you used to be able to do that for your ...
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iCalendar RRULE Recurring Events Custom Repeat [closed]

I am trying to create 2 events that have custom repeats but I can't quite figure out the coding. I need an event that happens every 30 days but if the 30th day is a weekend I'd like it to move to ...
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Get iCal link for Facebook Page's events

I'm trying to get the iCal link for a Facebook Page's events. I can get one that is for my events, but there doesn't seem to be a way to get an iCal feed that covers all the page's events (regardless ...
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Specifying refresh interval in webcal URL [closed]

Anyone know if there's a way to specify a refresh interval within a webcal:// URL? Seems that when using them it's defaulting to a week. Since I cannot rely on the users reliably changing the ...
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Google Calendar not showing updated entries from iCal URL

I've created a new Google Calendar to display entries from an iCal URL. Both methods, described below, were used to accomplish this: Google Calendar → Other Calendars → Add by URL Google Calendar → ...
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Why aren't ics attachments send to my IEEE address working in Gmail anymore?

When I get emails about appointments from our Outlook server, they attach a .ics file to the email which contains the account details. This used to work fine, giving me the option to add the event to ...
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How to make a task repeat on the last day of each month in Google Calendar?

Pretty much the subject says it all. How can I make a task repeat on the end of each month in google calendar. Jan 31- repeated task Feb 28 - repeated task march 31 - repeated task april 30 - ...
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Export (.ical) only Attending or Maybe Attending events from Facebook [closed]

By default, Facebook exports Attending, (Maybe) Attending and also events that I haven't replied (RSVPed) to yet. This results in an event spam in my Google Calendar. Is there a way to get a ical ...
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How to export events for a Facebook group in the iCal format?

I know I can export all of my Facebook events in the iCal format, but can I export all of the events from a Facebook group I administer in the iCal format? That would allow me to have a public ...
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Online viewing of published iCal calendars [closed]

I have a webcal URL to an iCal calendar I need to check out. webcal:// Is there an online web service or something that will allow me to see that calendar without ...
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How can I get my TripIt calendar to show up on Google Calendar?

I want to see my upcoming TripIt travel plans on my Google Calendar. I thought I would just be able to subscribe to my TripIt ical feed from GCal, but it doesn't seem to work. I got my ical feed ...
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How do I import an iCal feed to Twitter on an as-it-happens basis?

I have an account on Twitter that I use for saying "what I'm doing." Some of my iCal feeds already know what I'm doing and I don't want to have to do double entry and record that event twice. Is ...
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