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How can I get a count of all the texts I received from a given phone number in Google Voice?

This is not possible in Google Voice to my knowledge, but here is a "quick and dirty" solution using either MS Excel or Google Sheets. Because each of the contact's incoming messages ...
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How do I prevent Google Voice from ringing in Gmail?

Go to Gmail and sign out of Hangouts. It's on the left hand side of the screen.
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How do I auto-reply to text messages received through Google Voice?

EDIT 2022: This method works, but please use it at your own risk. I had this auto-reply feature running successfully for close to a year. Today I logged in to Google Voice to find my account had been ...
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How can I search Google Voice for a phone number in only my text messages?

In the search box add in:sms to limit the results to just text messages: > 2125551212 in:sms The above will search for all text messages with the phone number (212) 555-1212. You can also add ...
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Can I list a Google Voice number on Facebook?

You have to remove your current phone number in FB before you can add the GV #. This will allow you to select Google as your carrier, as you cannot select it if you already have a primary number set.
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Can I block incoming calls by prefix to avoid spammers?

You could possibly use the Google Contacts "Import" feature to create a single contact listing all 10000 phone numbers that share that 6-digit prefix. There might be a phone number limit, if so try ...
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How do I bulk archive multiple messages, voicemails, or phone calls in Google Voice?

I couldn't find the answer to this anywhere, so here you go! Go to https://voice.google.com Navigate to the section you want to archive (calls, messages, or voicemails) Click on the circle icon next ...
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In Google Voice, why do I have to provide my existing phone number?

From Google Account Help: In an effort to protect you from abuse, we limit the number of accounts each phone number can create. The help page belongs to general Google account, but I believe it's ...
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Click to call with the chrome extension for google voice?

Here is a solution that I think may help you. The new default is to make outgoing calls via VoIP. You can disable this by clicking on the Settings Cog (Settings) to the right of the search bar. Now ...
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Did Gmail's Google Voice Integration Recently Cause a Regression in Firefox?

Similar issues here; stopped working and started again. Now not working with Firefox 74.0.1. I've gone back to Firefox 73.0.1. Watch that your system doesn't auto-update you to Firefox 74. I dual-...
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When I add a Google Contact, if there is an existing photo, where does it come from?

The photo could come from Gmail or from https://myaccount.google.com NOTE: Recently Google announced that both places will use the same photo. Reference Set profile picture for Gmail and all Google ...
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Google Voice with mobile virtual network operator using visual voicemail (VVM) and conditional call forwarding (CCF)

"The only workaround for this is to use Google Voice's call screening function. When you turn on call screening, GV will require whoever or whatever answers a forwarded call to press 1 to accept the ...
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How do I use Gmail's Vacation Responder or Canned Responses feature to respond to the From instead of the Return-Path address?

I'm afraid there's no way to do this with just Gmail. I suppose one could craft up a custom tool using Google Apps Script, but Gmail alone doesn't give you that kind of control.
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Why are some US numbers not free on Google Voice?

So set up a Google Voice number just for your mom, and have the first 3 numbers be the same area code as her's. Then use that Google Voice number when you call her. I know. Unnecessarily complicated....
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How do I auto-reply to text messages received through Google Voice?

So what we're going to do is configure Google Voice to send an email to Gmail when it gets a text. When Gmail gets that email, based on matching filter selection rules, it will automatically reply ...
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Marking all Google Voice messages as read

FYI: since the Google Voice revamp, marking all messages as unread may be more straightforward using the legacy interface, which is still available online: https://www.google.com/voice#search/is%...
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Google Voice not automatically notifying new text message

In the app settings, go to "Sync and notifications" Under the Notifications heading, there's an option for "Receive text messages" Select "Via the Google Voice app" That worked for me.
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